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Types of Appraisals Available

Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase & Private Sales

All participants to a transaction can benefit from an appraisal when the “fair market value” may be unclear.

Financial Planning & Trusts

Valuations for tax planning, retrospective, asset update value and portfolio consulting.

PMI Removal

Private Mortgage Insurance  removal proof of equity.

Estate, Probate & Date of Death

We write many appraisals to support the value for taxes or for transfer of ownership due to death or inheritance.

Waterfront, Specialty & Acreage Properties

We are experienced in all areas of Palm Beach County from the beach to the Acreage.

Property Tax Appeal

Property tax review & consulting services.

Asset Division, Divorce & Equitable Distribution

We are often hired to estimate fair market value for RE assets that are intended to be divided between two or more parties.  

Immigration Proof of Equity

Proof of equity for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) programs.


Portfolio review, unique circumstances & bulk services. 

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