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How can a home appraisal improve my immigration application status?

There are multiple programs within the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency which may consider an appraisal in their application process. An appraisal that reflects the true equity in your home can increase the likelihood of passing a financial status or public charge review.

A shortfall in an income requirement can typically be made up by “significant” assets that can be converted to cash within 1 year. A real estate appraisal can help bridge the divide between an applicant's relatively low provable income figure and an accurate representation of the applicant's true financial health.

Touchstone Real Estate Services is experienced in providing appraisals for immigration purposes throughout Palm Beach County. We also have experience in communicating with persons who may not use English as a first language. We work hand in hand with our many local immigrant communities, and we have the experience to provide the most cost effective solution which will also result in the fastest possible delivery.

By relying on an experienced appraiser team, you can be assured that the report we provide will meet or exceed the specific agency documentation requirements. We are experienced in appraisals for Department of Homeland Security Affidavit of Support requirements; U.S.C.I.S. Humanitarian Parole requirements, and appraisals for various other programs within these agencies.

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