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Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, and Private Sales

Market conditions are constantly changing in Palm Beach County and throughout SE Florida. Realtors and homeowners alike have come to trust our organization for accurate, independent and fair market appraisals.

Potential sellers can benefit from our expertise in presenting a realistic picture of current market conditions, current competition, sub-market drivers and value trends analysis. We can also suggest critical market drivers to advertise, recommend condition repairs to ensure compliance with financial institution guidelines, help you to validate the appropriate value of cash investor offers, and offer advice to assist in your decision making.

If you are a potential buyer that doesn't need a loan but still wants to be sure you are paying a reasonable price, you can be confident in your cash purchase knowing that a thorough value review from an independent source has been performed.

Real Estate Agents can benefit from an independent review of price level and product market drivers. We often see situations where even a very experienced listing agent might be unsure of what a home is likely to appraise for. Our extensive knowledge can benefit all participants to a transaction when the "fair market value" may be unclear.