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Buyer Due Diligence for Cash Purchases

The vast majority of our clients that want their own appraisal for due diligence of a purchase are paying cash for the property. These clients are looking for an unbiased and independent opinion of value, free from any potential conflict of interest or secondary motivation. If you have already signed a contract and have a short due diligence time period, we understand that you will need the appraisal relatively quickly to make your best decision.

Do not worry, we are here for you! Each of our appraisers have over two decades of LOCAL experience in our territory of Palm Beach, Martin, and Saint Lucie Counties. Once we know the address, we can quickly quote you based on a time frame that meets your needs, and allows us enough time to do the job correctly. We are aware that your time is precious and we respond quickly. We answer the phone when you call and we are responsive to follow up when needed.

When we receive a request for a cash purchase or buyer due diligence assignment, we first spend a little time reviewing the property to the best of our ability using available online resources. Any information you can provide regarding especially unique property features is helpful, but if it is listed in the local Multiple Listing Service or some other online resource, we can usually get a pretty good idea of what the property is all about relatively quickly.

We then analyze the submarket for comparable market activity, to ensure that there are sufficient market indicators for comparison and that we can develop a valuation that is reliable. We then review your specific needs and concerns before providing a written quote via email.

We do more than just provide a final appraised number to our clients and we provide more than just an appraisal report. Our appraisers perform extensive research into current market conditions, determine and value specific market drivers, analyze trends and review competitive inventory specific to your home. Our work product is much more in depth than a simple realtor CMA or online value estimate. We also make ourselves available after delivery of the report, so that we can review the report with you and answer any questions you may have. This type of personalized service is not common in the industry and our reviews reflect our commitment to excellence.

Each of our appraisers are intimately familiar with all residential communities in our territory. We have appraised over $1,000,000,000 of residential property locally. Each appraiser in our organization has extensive experience with homes which have specialty considerations such as water frontage, view impacts, boating amenity, locational appeal, and unique features of all types. When you call our staff, you will find that whichever appraiser you speak with has been in your neighborhood in the past, written at least several appraisals in your community, and is knowledgeable regarding local market appeal factors.

Market conditions are constantly changing in Palm Beach County and throughout SE Florida. Realtors and homeowners alike have come to trust our organization for accurate, independent and fair appraisals. If you are a potential buyer that doesn't need a loan but still wants to be sure you are paying a reasonable price, you can be confident in your cash purchase knowing that a thorough value review from an independent source has been performed.

We can provide appraisals for a variety of purchase types, however please note that if you are planning to get a conventional loan for the property, the lender will not be able to use an appraisal that you obtained yourself. Any Fannie Mae or HUD backed loan requires an appraisal ordering process that is very specific and negates the possibility of using a homeowner-provided appraisal report. We do have extensive experience providing appraisals to the lending industry, however your lender will need to contact us directly if the appraisal is needed for lending purposes.