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Estate, Probate, and Inheritance

Many of our customers are families or estate executors that need to value real estate holdings due to a recent death in the family. We know that respecting the last wishes of a family member can be an exhausting effort. Settling an estate can be a monumental learning process, and people tend to get thrown into it without enough preparation. Although estate valuations are often handled by an attorney or an accountant, it is usually an executor or other family member who will ultimately be responsible for those decisions. Some examples of our typical client intended uses uses include date of death, inheritance, trust, will, probate, asset division (family buyout), and estate planning. We are able to provide a reliable and properly documented appraisal that will serve any of these requirements.

Estate and probate appraisals are sometimes needed for tax purposes, for court presentation, or to support the value of a transfer of ownership due to death or inheritance. Trusts can require an appraisal for a variety of reasons and may require updated values over time. If your estate plan includes donations of property or transfers to your beneficiaries, we can develop an accurate and well documented valuation that is statutorily compliant to satisfy your due diligence.

Date of Death appraisals are retrospective in time. A person's date of death is often used as the "effective date" for an estate or probate appraisal. We have written appraisals for time periods going back months or even years after the date that we were hired for the assignment. If you are looking up this type of appraisal, you are most likely in need of an estate appraisal or appraisal for probate.

Establishing fair market value is typically a good idea when determining an asset distribution, family member buyout, or for advanced planning purposes. When a property may potentially be purchased by one of multiple beneficiaries (with each having a partial interest), we have seen how an executor can feel placed in the middle of competing siblings or other interested parties. It is human nature for tension to arise because each of the participants has their own motivation for a property value to be higher or lower. The executor usually just wants to be as fair as possible to everyone without upsetting their family members. We can assist greatly in this area because we are truly unbiased arbiters with no personal associations and no ulterior motives. An independent appraisal can go a long way towards reflecting an executor's proper due diligence in this regard.

Our probate clients often need a current market value because they are listing the home for sale, or to help determine a fair settlement between heirs. Handling probate and probate disputes among heirs are often painful experiences, and we can help you make the best decisions. Whether you are currently having a dispute or simply need an independent third-party value estimate, we have the experience to get the job done right.

We know that our clients typically are trying to be as fair as possible in executing the estate plan, but it can be a complex process. For assignments of this type, we especially strive to be helpful. We are flexible in scheduling, and supportive with local knowledge of vendors for a variety of related services. Each of our appraisers are locally born in Palm Beach County and have been appraising for more than 20 years, so we have a lifetime of industry contacts that can be helpful to you. Our appraisers have the experience to help guide you in the process. We take the time to listen to your specific needs and try help you to navigate your options to the best of our ability.

Often properties are inherited with condition issues or may be untidy and we are used to that. There is nothing that we are likely to see that we have not seen before, and we are able to appraise the home as though it were "empty and broom swept clean" if you have not finished a clean out. In some situations, we understand that access to the home may require some delicacy, and we are experienced with setting appointments in uncomfortable circumstances. We will ensure that our provided services will be catered to your specific situation.

Estate appraisals come under intense scrutiny. Our appraisers will work with you to determine the most appropriate process, documentation requirements, and specific needs for your situation. Each of our appraisers have more than 2 decades of local appraisal experience and have appropriate qualifications/licensing for any assignment we accept. If you are unsure as to whether you should get an appraisal, just give us a call and we will try to help you figure out your best options.