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How can I get rid of my mortgage insurance (MI)?

You will need to contact your loan servicer to find out how you can remove your Mortgage Insurance. In many instances the lender or servicer will request that you obtain an appraisal report from a Certified Residential Appraiser in order to prove your equity position.

If you have already contacted your lender and they have told you to provide an appraisal to prove the current equity, then we can help! Our appraisers are experienced with valuations for proof of equity and provide appropriate appraisal reports which meet or exceed typical lender requirements.

The process for removal of mortgage insurance can vary from bank to bank and loan to loan. In some instances, the lender may run their own computer modeled value estimate and decide that they are satisfied with that alone. It is impossible for the appraiser to know if your bank will require an independent appraisal report, so you will need to discuss the process with your bank directly before engaging an appraiser's services.

If your lender has already asked you to obtain an appraisal yourself, we are very familiar with lender report requirements and can quickly service your request.

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