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What does an appraiser consider when quoting an appraisal assignment?

Generally speaking, appraisers will quote a fee based on the amount of time and expertise that will be involved in the assignment. Estimating the complexity of the assignment involves a review of home attributes, site characteristics, locational factors, and a myriad of various market drivers.

The number and quality of available sales comparables is also a major contributing factor to appraisal considerations in determining a cost. If your home is conforming to the community and there are comparable sales that are readily available, the cost tends to be lower. If you have unique property attributes or are located in a market that has complex attributes, then the costs can go up substantially. We have decades of local Palm Beach County experience in all types of properties, from lower end quality tract housing to unique estates. An example of a complex assignment would be an ocean access waterfront home with dockage located on a barrier island.

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