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What FHA appraisal requirements are specific to South Florida?

Some of the more relevant HUD guidelines specific to South Florida include air conditioning, roof condition, and crawl spaces.

AC - The temperature control must create an environment of "healthful and comfortable living conditions". In South Florida, that means air conditioning needs to be in place and functioning, but heat does not.

Roof - The roof must "provide reasonable future utility, durability and economy of maintenance". It is worth noting that almost all lenders require a minimum of 3-5 years remaining useful roof life and any significant roof issues that are found during the appraisal will probably need to be repaired for ANY loan. If an appraiser sees that the roof looks "rough" they are probably going to call for an inspection.

Foundation - The foundation should be able to withstand "all normal loads imposed". If your home has an elevated foundation, the appraiser will need to examine the crawl space beneath the home. For FHA appraisals they will need a photo of the area as proof that they viewed it, so it is a good idea to clear an access path. If you don't have access to the crawl space, it will be noted in the report and can hold up the loan, so stay ahead of the issue and clear the path if possible.

Reference Publications - HUD Handbooks 4000.1 "Single Family Housing Policy" and 4150.2 "Valuation Analysis for Single Family One to Four Unit Dwellings" are great sources for information about FHA appraisal requirements for standard residential properties. We did not put links for these specifically because they get updated often. If you go to the “HUDClips” website and search from there for the most recent versions (just hit search and type in the handbook #). You can also search for terms and it will usually produce good relevant publication results of all types. If you want to take a deep dive on FHA appraisal requirements, this is a great place for research.

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