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Asset Division, Divorce, and Equitable Distribution

Asset Division

When a residential use asset is intended to be divided between two or more parties, a valuation from an independent Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser is typically obtained to estimate fair market value of any real estate. A non-biased 3rd party opinion can greatly assist all parties in understanding of fair market value for the asset.

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce is the most common reason for our office to provide an appraisal for asset division. Our appraisers provide confidential, independent, and non-biased valuations. You can be assured that our valuators are credentialed professionals with decades of experience providing high quality appraisal reports.

Deciding what to do with the home during a divorce requires answering many questions. What is a fair buyout value? Should one party buy out the other? What should the effective date of the value be? Who can we trust to provide a truly fair and independent 3rd party estimate of value?

Our reports are comprehensive and meet or exceed qualification requirements of the court system. If testimonial support becomes necessary, we are experienced on the stand and are able to defend our work product.